Unhappy Mother’s Day


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“Happy Mother’s Day,” I said back with a smile. Deep down, I melted a little. I wanted to run away and cry, but I couldn’t. I was the wife of the guest speaker. Churches always made such a big deal over it, and I couldn’t see the point. Another thing that was a big deal was baby showers. Do you know how many baby showers I went to in 12 1/2 years? Those two things would set me off. First, I would sulk, then pout; then it became a full-blown cry-fest. I couldn’t help it, but every fiber of my being wanted a baby. Just one. That’s all I asked for: just one. In this book, I go from Hannah, who was jealous of Peninnah, to Rachel, whose own body betrayed her, to Sarah, who was impatient and almost wrecked God’s plan, to two completely invisible women, and finally to Elizabeth, who was getting too old for a baby. But God. He did it! Our miracle finally came in the form of a squealing, wiggling bundle of joy. No matter the circumstances, God will come through. Never give up, and always trust the one who knows what’s best. I relied on Psalm 37:5: “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and He shall bring it to pass.” And you can too.


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