The Healthy Church

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People often spend a lot of time talking about a dysfunctional church, but there is less discussion about what constitutes a healthy one. So how can you know if your church is healthy, and what can you do to improve it? Alan Hosch addresses this vital subject with a heartfelt and insightful look at the church. Hosch explains that “the healthy church is beautiful and complex, her moving parts working together without serious friction.” The answer for an unhealthy church: Define what is right and what is wrong and decide what to do about it.

1 review for The Healthy Church

  1. Jaredith Mize

    I had the privilege of proofreading this book before publication. I truly believe every Christian should read this book. It’s chock full of solid, practical advice for building and maintaining a healthy church. Many of the author’s points would seem obvious but I needed reminded of them nonetheless.

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