Sub-Mission: The Silent Service



In this book, Justin Teal leverages his personal background as a submariner to construct a framework for the concept of spiritual submission. In this context, he underscores the importance of teamwork, respect, and trust in authority as critical factors for the successful execution of the mission. The submarine, unlike other vessels, fulfills its mission by operating in the unseen, “beneath the waters.” This distinctive characteristic becomes a powerful analogy for illustrating the spiritual dynamics that occur between the “XO,” (the pastor) and the crew (the church). Teal reminds us that the cornerstone of effective leadership, and for that matter effective followership is bound within the concept of submission.

Sub-Mission serves as a succinct yet valuable introduction to the topic of spiritual leadership. Its straightforward but persuasive principles will aid those who are pursuing any sort of ministry among God’s people. This book reminds us that no matter what our position in God’s kingdom, there is no room for pride, as we are called to display a Christ-like submission to our Lord, our pastors, our ministry leaders, and one another. Within the Church, no roleis insignificant: all saints are called to be servants of the Lord, and at the heart of this sacred service resides the essential quality of being “submitted.”

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