My Prayer Journey, Lessons Learned


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The Christian’s goal is to know the Creator in His ultimate power and glory. To nurture such a relationship with the Savior inspires another trip to one’s prayer place. In this book, Jane Cottrill explains, “The longer the trek, the more I have come to realize that Christ is so big, so strong, and so complex, yet, He is so loving and so extremely and intimately available. The more I know Him, the more I don’t know. When I see His majesty in the sunrise, feel the goosebumps of His presence that come to me in praise, or hear His still small voice, I am drawn into that place called prayer. It is there, with my opened Bible, that I learn all that I really need to know.”

InĀ My Prayer Journey, Lessons Learned, the author shares some of what she has learned. Prayerfully sit back and digest her experiences, then find a quiet place daily and learn all that you really need to know about your wonderful Savior.


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