Faith Over All


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The words I had spoken in testimony on dozens of platforms

around the United States echoed in my mind: “It isn’t the travel and

adventures that fill my heart with joy; it is Jesus alone!” How many

times had I said those words with sincere emotion flooding my face,

yet now I struggled to live them out. It is easy to shout faith-filled

claims on the mountaintop when sacrifice was the furthest thing from

my mind, but now all I could see was the sacrifice of change we were forced to make.

Why do we let our circumstances choose

the approach we take? Why do we let the uncertainties of life

determine whether we live in faltering fear or freeing faith? Fear is

belittling. Fear is haunting. We fail to remember that fear

contradicts everything we know to be true. It then dawned on me,

“faith is a choice!” Knowing that the enemy thrives in disillusion and

confusion, I began to combat every lie with truth. Every Scripture and

promise of God that I hurled into the atmosphere of our home brought

down each stronghold that fear had established. The dark cloud lifted

in my mind as I intentionally chose faith over all.

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