But, Even Now

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Meet Trista, a woman whose present-day world has been falling apart for years. How can she stay close to God when insurmountable obstacles meet her time and time again? As advised by her counselor, she starts journaling, which inadvertently tells a heart-gripping story about an unexpected path to motherhood, love and loss, addiction, betrayal, and faith that will change future generations.


Meet Adinah, who lives in a world dominated by Roman oppression just as Jesus is being revealed as the Messiah. Being a barren wife in a culture where family lineage is everything, she questions God when she feels all but forgotten by Him. Ready to give up, she beholds firsthand how life-and faith-can change in an instant.


1,985 years ago, Adinah was there to witness a miracle. Today, that same miracle changes Trista’s life. This historical/fiction novel will have you laughing and crying as it weaves together the intriguing stories of these two women who have one very important thing in common: Jesus.

3 reviews for But, Even Now

  1. Juliet

    I couldn’t put down this book! It was a really good book about life’s trials and rewards.

  2. Marsha DeWeese

    A new take on Mary, Martha and Lazarus story. I feel in love with all three of them. Very well written.

  3. Pam

    Modern day problems are heartfelt and devastating just as they were centuries ago. What an amazing testimony being revealed within the context of this book!

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